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As with the community clusters or Research Data Depot, research labs requiring a lab collaboration space will be able to easily request Box Research Lab Folders through the Purchase page on this site. For more information, please contact us.

Link to section 'Box Research Lab Folder Features' of 'Box Research Lab Folder Overview' Box Research Lab Folder Features

A Box Research Lab Folder offers research groups in need of centralized data storage for research collaboration many unique features and benefits:

  • Available

    To any Purdue research group requiring data storage space for research collaboration.

  • Accessible

    Easily accessible through your web browser, and facilitates easy sharing with collaborators within Purdue and without.

  • Capable

    A Box Research Lab folder facilitates joint work on shared files across your research group, avoiding the need for numerous copies of datasets across individuals' private storage. It is an ideal place to store a project's data and documents. A Lab Folder can store unlimited data, with a maximum size of a single file up to 15 GB.

  • Controllable Access

    Access management is under your direct control, within the bounds of the appropriate data use agreements, IRB protocols, or technology control plans.

  • Data Retention

    All data kept in the Box Research Lab Folder remains owned by the research group's lead faculty. Files kept in the project's lab folder remain with the research group, unaffected by turnover, and could head off potentially difficult disputes. Data is also retained and protected in alignment with the appropriate data security standards governing your research projects.

  • Never Purged

    A Box Research Lab Folder is never subject to purging.

  • Reliable

    Box Research Lab Folders are built on Purdue's centrally-managed service, which is a highly-available, secure cloud storage platform.

  • Restricted Data

    Box Research Lab Folders are not designed to align with the NIST SP 800-171 standard, and are not approved for storing L3 projects requiring HIPAA-aligned storage. Please request a REED Folder for sensitive or restricted research data.

Link to section 'Box Research Lab Folder Hardware Details' of 'Box Research Lab Folder Overview' Box Research Lab Folder Hardware Details

Box Research Lab Folders are built on, an enterprise-grade cloud platform for file storage and collaboration.