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Data Management

As science has become more data-intensive and collaborative, research data management is consuming more of researchers' most precious resource: time. In the era of "big data", decisions regarding data are more complex and fraught with larger consequences. See, for instance, the debate about reproducibility in computational science; funding agencies' mandates to make public data accumulated with taxpayers' dollars; or the challenges of staff turn-over for efficient and effective data management.

Purdue Libraries can help. Here is where the Libraries can help provide effective solutions:

  • Collaborations as active participant on grant proposals
  • Developing customized data management plans
  • Organizing your data
  • Describing your data
  • Sharing your data
  • Publishing your datasets
  • Preserving your data
  • Purdue University Research Repository
  • Educating graduate students in data management best practices
  • GIS assistance
  • R programming for bioinformatics

For further information, please contact or a liaison librarian to your department.