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Purdue Center for Research Software Engineering

Image of the first Purdue RSE kickoff meeting.
Purdue RSE Center kick-off meeting led by Carol Song in 2024

Purdue Center for Research Software Engineering (aka the RSE center) is a university approved center within the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing. Its official establishment recognizes the increasingly vital role that software plays in all fields of scientific research, and formalizes RCAC’s software engineering efforts at RCAC to better support research at Purdue. The RSE center’s mission is to help accelerate research and increase their impacts through the creation of innovative, robust and sustainable research software.

Purdue RSE Services

  • Proposal collaboration
  • Software design
  • Code development
  • Software configuration and deployment
  • Consulting
  • Training

Purdue RSE Teams

Envision Center

The Envision Center provides novel solutions to effectively communicate complex research concepts. Computer graphics, advanced visualization, auditory (sound), haptic (touch), and multimodal interaction integrate with state-of-the-art high performance computation to assist researchers, instructors, and leaders in their quest for new knowledge and innovative products.


Scientific Solutions Group

The Scientific Solutions Group (SSG) develops innovative cyberinfrastructure solutions to help advance scientific discovery and education, and enable greater research reproducibility and impact at Purdue and beyond.


Does my research software project have these covered?

If not, then RSE support may be a solution for helping ensure they are.

HPC Access & Use
Project Design
Environment Management
Coding Standards
Version Control
Access Control
Product Design
Logistics (workflow, PR's, change mgmt., etc...)
Build Tools

What is a Research Software Engineer (RSE)?

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) combines professional software engineering expertise with an intimate understanding of research.

The US Research Software Engineer Association (US-RSE) defines an RSE as:

"Research Software Engineers [...] encompass those who regularly use expertise in programming to advance research. This includes researchers who spend a significant amount of time programming, full-time software engineers writing code to solve research problems, and those somewhere in-between."

In short, RSEs design, write, and maintain software that is used to support, disseminate, or undertake research.


Research Software Engineering refers to the application of software engineering practices and principles to scientific research. It involves the development, maintenance, and optimization of software tools, libraries, and systems that are critical for research projects across various domains.
RSE ensures that the software used in research is robust, reliable, and sustainable. It helps streamline research workflows, improve reproducibility, and enhance collaboration. Without proper software engineering practices, research projects may encounter issues like code fragility, reproducibility problems, and difficulties in scaling.
Even if your team primarily focuses on scientific research, having RSE expertise can significantly benefit your projects. RSE practices help in developing software tools tailored to your specific research needs, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your workflows.
While adopting RSE practices may require an initial investment of time and resources, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. RSE practices help streamline development, improve code quality, and enhance collaboration, ultimately saving time and reducing the risk of project delays in the future.
The RSE Center can provide training to your team on RSE practices, enabling them to effectively develop and maintain research software. Additionally, the Purdue RSE Center employs RSE professionals who can collaborate with your team as experts in software engineering and research best practices.
Yes, the Purdue RSE Center offers flexible arrangements depending on your project's requirements and preferences.
Absolutely! The Purdue RSE center can assist you in crafting a compelling proposal that highlights the importance of RSE for your research project and outlines the potential benefits of investing in RSE activities and support.
Yes, mentioning Resarch Software Engineering in your proposal or reports demonstrates your commitment to adopting best practices in software development and enhancing the reproducibility and impact of your research. It also signals to funding agencies and collaborators that you are proactive in addressing key challenges in scientific computing and research software development.

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