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Research Data Storage

RCAC provides many file storage options to Purdue researchers. Some are high-performance, large capacity spaces optimized for Community Cluster use, while others, like the Research Data Depot or Fortress archive, are well-suited for storage of a wide variety of research data.

The Lustre scratch filesystems provide work-area storage optimized for a wide variety of job types, and are designed to perform well with data-intensive computations, while scaling well to large numbers of simultaneous connections.

The Research Data Depot is a service from RCAC that provides a high-capacity, fast, reliable and secure data storage system designed, configured and operated for the needs of Purdue researchers and campus units in any field and shareable with both on-campus and off-campus collaborators. Access to the Research Data Depot is available to any Purdue researcher at a low annual per-terabyte cost. Contact us for access to a trial space.

The Fortress HPSS system is a large, multi-tiered file caching and storage system utilizing both online disk and robotic tape drives. Fortress is optimized for long-term storage of important data and results. Fortress is available to any researcher at Purdue.

Globus is a powerful and easy to use file transfer service that for transferring files virtually anywhere. It works within RCAC's various research storage systems; it connects between RCAC and remote research sites running Globus; and it connects research systems to personal systems. Easily share data with collaborators around the world, with dropbox-like simplicity!

REED Folder is a managed storage solution built on top of the cloud platform, to provide storage, sharing, and collaboration for research projects requiring compliance with regulations or heightened security.

Research Data Depot Brochure (1.39 MB)