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AI and Data Science

Data touches nearly every aspect of our lives today, and it is no different in academia.  Developments in data science, AI, and machine learning are enabling research that was never before possible. RCAC offers the physical infrastructure, education, and expert staff to support the AI and data science work of researchers and students at Purdue.


RCAC provides access to leading-edge computational and data storage systems, as well as research software and platforms.

All of our clusters are equipped with Open OnDemand to offer an interactive computing platform for both education and research. Using Open OnDemand, users can connect to Jupyter Hub for interactive computing with Jupyter notebooks, Rstudio for data analysis in R, and a remote desktop interface for everything else—all connected to powerful compute resources.

In addition to more traditional HPC clusters, we have GPU-enabled systems designed to support machine learning, and composable systems for deploying databases, models, and tools.


The RCAC team is staffed with experts across many domains, including data science and machine learning. Our data science team offers support for all stages of the analytics lifecycle from data collection all the way through to model deployment.  Support can range from general discussions relating to using the clusters for analytic work all the way to partnering with your group to develop a model.

To request a consultation with one of our data science experts, send us an email at with “[Data Science Consultation]” in the subject.


RCAC offers a variety of foundational and applied AI and data science  training seminars, workshops, and on-demand videos. Our training page lists current trainings as well as upcoming events. Upon request, we also offer guest lectures and personalized training for your class or group.