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Rowdy is a technology testbed intended for evaluation and benchmarking of new computing, networking and storage architectures, including accelerators and CPUs.

Access to Rowdy is available by request.

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Rowdy is named in honor of "Rowdy", the lovable inflatable mascot at Purdue from 1997-2007. Rowdy photo credit to

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Rowdy compute nodes have various core counts and memory sizes, and a 100 Gbps HDR100 Infiniband interconnect.

Rowdy Front-Ends
Front-Ends Number of Nodes Processors per Node Cores per Node Memory per Node
  1 One ARM Ampere CPU 128 1  TB
Rowdy Sub-Clusters
Sub-Cluster Number of Nodes Processors per Node Cores per Node Memory per Node
A 4 One Nvidia Grace Hopper GH200 Superchip 72 480 GB
B 2 Two Nvidia Grace ARM CPUs  144 500 GB

Rowdy nodes run Rocky Linux 9 and use Slurm (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) as the batch scheduler for resource and job management. The application of operating system patches occurs as security needs dictate. All nodes allow for unlimited stack usage, as well as unlimited core dump size (though disk space and server quotas may still be a limiting factor).


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