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Community Clusters

RCAC operates a significant shared cluster computing infrastructure developed over several years through focused acquisitions using funds from grants, faculty startup packages, and institutional sources. These "community clusters" are now at the foundation of Purdue's research cyberinfrastructure.

We strongly encourage any Purdue faculty or staff with computational needs to join this growing community and enjoy the enormous benefits this shared infrastructure provides:

  • Peace of Mind
    RCAC system administrators take care of security patches, attempted hacks, operating system upgrades, and hardware repair so faculty and graduate students can concentrate on research.
  • Low Overhead
    RCAC data centers provide infrastructure such as networking, racks, floor space, cooling, and power.
  • Cost Effective
    RCAC works with vendors to obtain the best price for computing resources by pooling funds from different disciplines to leverage greater group purchasing power.

Through the Community Cluster Program, Purdue affiliates have invested several million dollars in computational and storage resources from Q4 2006 to the present with great success in both the research accomplished and the money saved on equipment purchases.

For more information or to purchase access to our latest cluster today, see the Access Purchase page. To get updates on RCAC's community cluster program, please subscribe to the Community Cluster Program Mailing List.

The community cluster program provides services with significiant impact.

Community Clusters Brochure (4.68 MB) (2022-2023)