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How to Acknowledge Use

Recognition and Attribution of RCAC Support

If RCAC plays an integral part in the completion of research, through computing support, cost sharing, or consultation, all Principal Investigators and their collaborating researchers will be asked to acknowledge Purdue IT research support in any publications, presentations, and proposals.

  • During the proposal development phase, please select "Rosen Center for Advanced Computing", "Community Cluster Program", or "Envision Center" for the questions asking about University Cores or Purdue IT units contributing to the proposal.

  • Additionally, for publications resulting from the use of RCAC resources, we encourage you to cite the community cluster program in your papers, with the following reference:

    McCartney, Gerry, Hacker, Thomas and Yang, Baijian Empowering Faculty: A Campus Cyberinfrastructure Strategy for Research Communities. Educause Review. (2014).


    author = {McCartney, Gerry and Hacker, Thomas and Yang, Baijian},
    journal = {Educause Review},
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Researchers are also asked to inform the RCAC research services team whenever any such research receives professional exposure. This information is extremely important in enabling RCAC to continue supporting Purdue researchers and planning for their future computational needs.