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Scholar Faculty Guide

The Scholar cluster provides:

  • A Research Home directory for each student, with a quota of 25 GB
  • A Scratch directory, specific to Scholar, for transient work
  • The ability to submit batch jobs to a resource scheduler
  • Access to a standalone Jupyter notebook server
  • Access to a standalone R Studio server
  • Access to the Linux command line through either SSH (text-oriented) or Thinlinc (Graphical Remote Desktop)
  • Access to a (limited) Hadoop environment

Scholar is part of the RCAC environment and is separate, both logically and physically, from the normal classroom resources at Purdue. It has no direct connection to students' Purdue IT home directories, or to Teaching Laboratory software packages.

In order to provide the best experience for all our users, we (RCAC) ask you (Classroom Faculty) to help us with a few points:

  • If possible, request Scholar for your class (Class Account Request) well in advance.
  • Let us know roughly how many students you expect.
  • Let us know as far in advance as possible if you have specific software or storage requirements for the class.
  • Let us know who the instructors and TAs for your class will be, as well as any non-registered students who should have Scholar access.

Please bear in mind that Scholar is a shared resource and we cannot prioritize among different classes. The job scheduler will allocate batch resources fairly among all the users in all the classes using Scholar. The frontend login servers are also tuned to accommodate all our expected users.